My Simple System for Inbound Sales

Here’s the simple system I use to generate inbound sales, strengthen my positioning, and reach more people.

Yes.. it all begins with writing daily (shoutout to Jonathan Stark for showing me how simple and easy this can be)

1 – Have a “writing ideas” note inside my writing app Obsidian
2 – Every day, review that note and write something that will be helpful to YOU (as if Im writing to a friend)
3 – Schedule those posts via email to the newsletter, blog, and on LinkedIn and X (I currently use ActiveCampaign & Hypefury)
4 – Take a handful of these posts and film short form video (I use Descript). The team takes these and schedules for me on IG, YT & LI (thanks Nick!) (You don’t need a team to get started with this)
5 – Reach out to new connects, inbound views, comments and engagements
6 – Have real conversations with people, like seriously just normal convos
7 – Some of those convos lead to training inside other communities, podcasts, or discovery calls.

Rinse. Repeat.

Takes about 30min – 1 hour a day.

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