3 Keys to Selling Done-For-You Solutions

I used to simply think that if you had a solid product offering, good risk reversal and it made logical sense, people would want it

but that’s not how we humans buy… especially if you’re selling done for you solutions

We buy done-for-you solutions only after we
1 – know we need it
2 – believe it will actually work and help us
3 – desire the outcome it gives us

The 3rd point is key:

we have to desire the outcome any product or service gives us.

This is why most marketing copy begins with a “hook” to call out those desires…

but most end there, thinking that “if we sell to their emotions, we got ’em!”


The market is jaded with false promises and puffery

so you have to bring out the heavy hitters educating:
• HOW your solution works (logic) and
• WHY it’s different (logic) and
• WHAT it will do for us and give us what we want (emotion)

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