How to be the Best in Town & Still Fail

I was referred to one of the best financial advisors in my area for a consult

We had the introduction convo, discussed my goals, set expectations and had next steps for the both of us

and then the achilles heel of any service organization occurred:

crickets: no follow up.

I had to call back and they confessed they dropped the ball.

Immediately they lost my business.

Why does this happen?

Usually a sign of disorganized internal communication operations:

not keeping order of all the open communication loops that need to be closed (resolved) for clients.

I hear this is the same issue with agencies today.

Discovery calls are incredible

Work quality is wonderful

but the communication is terrible.

As a client it can make you feel like “who is in charge around here”

The solution is simple:

Keep a client log of all promises made, action items discussed and ensure you follow through.

To tidy up your internal communications, I ensure we have 1 centralized source for all:
• communication
• information (documents)
• action

I call it the trifecta of digital work.

Don’t let mastering the basics get in the way of your client’s experience.

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