3 Steps to Create a Blue Ocean For Your Marketing Services

Here are 3 simple steps I use with private clients to create a blue ocean for their services:

1 – You have to know “who” you’re selling to and understand their inner psychological patterns, view of themselves and view of the world.

2 – Define specifically which industry and niche you can go deep on. Be picky, focus on long term trends and yes, go deep (don’t make the same mistake I made for years)

3 – Identify the unique tangible outcome you help them get (hint: “more money” or “better strategy” is not an outcome)

On this point double down and clearly articulate
a) WHAT you are doing to get them these results (this is now your unique methodology)

b) HOW they will get these results, with specific timeframes (if possible). Focus on their experience.

Now… we can focus on crafting unique offers with this positioning.

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