Hate Burning $ With Marketing Agencies? Here’s the Solution

You’ve probably been there before

brought on an amazing marketing partner who was going to turn all your marketing frustrations into gold.

then 6 months go by and you’re left clueless what’s going on.

Who do you blame?

Odds are you hired a solid agency with an actual track record.

Where did things go awry?

I spoke with a friend of mine Tracey Saenz, who also happens to be a marketing leader who has grown and turned around brands for over 20 years.

She shared the not so obvious yet simple framework to help maximize your ROI when working with agencies.

She also wrote a free 7 Page Guide to onboard & manage your agency.

• you’re a client working with an agency or
• an agency working with clients

this guide will make it smooth sailing for both parties.

» Listen to my convo with Tracey
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