3 Ways to Scale Your Team

As you’ve identified:
• How many clients you want to serve
• The type of stressors you want to face daily
• The kind of company you want to lead

It’s time to incorporate that intention with your team to allow you to scale seamlessly.

Using your Task Unit framework of:
1 – A Driver (supports all client accounts/projects within the Task Unit)
2 – An Operator (supports all client accounts/projects within the Task Unit)
3 – A Specialist (who works on specific client accounts/projects within the Task Unit)

With your team design, backed by your profit equation, you can facilitate scale by orchestrating the direction in which your team grows.

As sales come in, you fill your team with work. As your team grows using your Task Unit framework, you have 3 options on which direction to grow your team:

1 – Vertical Scale
2 – Horizontal Scale
3 – Scale by Duplication
Bonus option 4: any combo of the 3

If you scale vertically, you’d add more clients or projects to your specialists, thus increasing the specialist workload.

Things to consider if you scale vertically:

• What tools and training can you provide your specialists to be more effective with their work?
• Is adding more work to your specialists going to strain your driver or operator?
• Will specialists need additional resources or assistants to execute their work?

If you scale horizontally, you’d add a new specialist to the Task Unit and increase the workload of the driver and operator to support that additional specialist.

When scaling horizontally, consider what leadership and self-management training or tools you can provide to empower your drivers and operators as they manage more people.

If you scale by duplication, you’d want to wait until your Task Unit is 80% full before starting a new one and then simultaneously fill both Tasks Until the new one reaches 80% capacity.

When scaling by duplication, you need to have a way to measure your team’s capacity.

Now that you have the “backend” structure, we will focus on the “front end”: peak positioning, bespoke productized offer stacks, and having prospects close themselves.

This is the part where we’ll put an end to selling your services (if you don’t sell services, replace the word “services” with what you think you’re selling).

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