Peak Positioning

They say spending money on advertising is an accelerator.

Having overseen and managed millions in spend online (from bootstrapped founders who expect/need a positive return), I can confirm that statement and add:

“Spending money on advertising is an accelerator. If your offer is a winner, it will accelerate your wins. If your offer sucks, it will accelerate you finding out how bad it truly is”

Today, we’re diving into the behind-the-scenes work that most frankly skip or see as a “waste of time” (even if you don’t spend any $ on ads).

Your clients care most about are their problems to be solved either by:
• You
• Someone else
• Or be left unsolved

Options 2 & 3 are unacceptable to us, but they happen.

Our goal is to have clients see the value of getting their problems solved **by you.

You might have the best solution to their problems, but if they know you exist (assuming you’re doing some sort of marketing) and don’t see value in your solution, you have an offer positioning problem.

Peak positioning takes into consideration what your clients want (their inner desires) and matches that with what you’ve got (your offers, AKA “solutions”)

In order to understand what your clients actually want, you have to know their Inner Dialogue.

Take the time to interview your ideal clients: talk to them, go to forums or communities, read reviews, get feedback, read what they post, at least 21 times, and answer the following:

• What is their worldview?
• What behaviors do they take because of their worldview?
• How do they treat others because of that view?
• How do they see themselves?
• Are they stuck in the past (self-image issues), present (doubtful of what to do), or future (fearful of the future)?
• What’s their vision for their life?
• Is the best part of their life behind them or yet to happen?
• Do they trust openly?
• Do they make quick decisions or marinate in their choices?
• Are they buying out of emotion or reason?

This is qualitative data.

And in order to win, we have to match this to your business goals (quantitative i.e. sell services at a higher price point, work with X number of clients at a time, etc)

Tomorrow we’ll focus on aligning your ideal clients’ Inner Desires to your offerings.

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