80/20 DAY

How to immediately become more #effective AND efficient... 

Here's a powerful lesson from #ProductiveProfits and nearly a decade of trial and error testing.... 

It's called 80/20 Day Optimization 

Every one of my clients gets this lesson and I outline it in the book. Why? Because it simply works.

You'll want to implement this yourself and share it with the leaders in your company. 

Here's how to optimize your day: 

Start your day with the following
-Morning prayer / meditation
-Learning / book 

Then get to work:

1 - Block off 2-3 hours for your VIP, most important, 80/20 tasks. Turn off email, notifications. 

2 - Check inbox once the 80/20 actions are done

3 - Proceed with 4-5 hours the work you need to address THAT day + your meetings 

4 - Check inbox again 

5 - Take 15min - 1 hour to recap the day, review tomorrow and prepare. 

Too simple to work? Yes, it's simple. Yes, it works. 

Design your day. Or you'll be "putting out fires" every day... 

"Fire fighting" gets tiring fast.

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