As You Scale, How Do You Ensure You Are Meeting Your Current Client’s Needs?

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I had the opportunity to be invited on the AgoraPulse Agency Growth chat on Twitter. I’d like to take their question and answer format to provide a more in depth explanation to the tweet size answers I gave (if you’re curious to see those, follow me on Twitter @rherochoa)

Here’s Q4:

As you scale, how do you ensure you are meeting current client’s needs?

Clear Communication.

– Clear scope

– Clear expectations

– Clear execution

– Clear updates
– Clear feedback loops

All done with clear communication.

Clear communication allows you to manage expectations, get results, build more trust and… earn the right for more business.


On top of this, I suggest you have quality assurance checkpoints done by the team when delivering the work.

Does there need to be a review process before the final launch? Do you need approvals for iterations? These are not bottlenecks if they save you and your team the stress (and cost of losing a client) of doing something wrong that you could have caught in the first place.


What do you document? Not everything. Here, what matters is documenting how you deliver a predictable result (your product).

What’s your unique process like? How can your team model success?

Done right will allow you, the owner, to step back from your business and lower anxiety about what is being done — knowing it’s being done correctly. There’s a lot more we can dive into with documentation, but we will save that for another Spark.

Pro tip: embed how you do this right into your project management tool your team uses so excellence is baked in to where you already work.

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