Becoming Forever Employable with Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf works as a coach, speaker, author & consultant to help organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products.


He started his career as a designer working with the first companies to use the internet as new communication, sales, and service channel. Over his 20 year career, he has worked as an information architect, design team leader, product manager, founder, trainer, coach, and consultant.


His newest book is called “Forever Employable” and it shares his story among others’ on how to capitalize on your experience and expertise to build a platform that generates opportunities for you continuously, making you forever employable.



  • His background in digital design – 2:33
  • What you want to be known for – 5:58
  • Having strategic thinking – 8:25
  • Being a better storyteller – 10:12
  • Reputation is the key – 18:37
  • Generating trust – 19:53
  • How can you measure success – 25:20
  • Working towards behavior changes – 26:03
  • What are the actual KPIs of his company – 27:47


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