Breaking Down A Linear Business Model

Common trends in my convos this week:

Extremely talented people who are dispersing their energy into too many things (not good)

Does this hit close to home?

For me it does.

As an example: how do you take someone offering services and coaching/advisory to one market and education/info to another market?
Go Linear:

Solve 1 specific, bleeding neck problem for 1 person

& create a client ascension model

by tying together your delivery mechanisms (your choice)

to the specific milestones along the linear path from A to B.

And each milestone unlocks a new offering

and each offering is priced according to the problem it solves.

In the example below, I use the info, coaching, and services model. You can easily replace each with your delivery mechanism, maybe it’s free community, SaaS, or coaching (up to you)

Key things to distinguish: 

Your first offering is either free or low ticket, depending on your market and sales qualification to sell into your higher tier.

If you do decide to do a coaching model somewhere, that includes group coaching, cohort coaching, async coaching or pure advisory.

Each offering has its own dimension on how it can be delivered.

How are you applying linear thinking to your business?

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