“Excuse Me, How Can You Help?”

What’s worse than a qualified prospect who doesn’t buy?

A qualified prospect that is confused at what you do.

Linear business models solve for that with

• 1 clear outcome you’re solving for
• different milestones along the path
• different entry points

so no matter where your prospect is

they can find a place in your model.

Case Study:

One of the teams I helped consulted with a client that sold education in the legal space

The client had 1 clear outcome:

to help legal pros grow their practice

but they had different tiers and offerings depending on the revenue level people were at.

It made it extremely simple for prospective buyers to see where they fit in their model


it future paced them into the next tier

In other words, their clients upsold themselves

because for this offer, the logic was simple

“if Im at the $250k-$500k tier and graduate, I can move onto the next tear where I get to learn how to grow to $1M/year”

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