Case Study: 58% Margins & Scaling

Before Richard Matthews of Push Button Podcasts first learned of the Task Unit framework, he had 3-4 employees and was barely paying himself above minimum hourly wage.

Today (with Richard’s permission to share) he has 13 staff members with almost 5x’ing his top line revenue, setting himself up to be on track to cross $1M ARR & has his eyes set on $4M ARR top line with revenue allocations of:
• 10% pure profit
• 10% owners pay
• 15% saved for taxes
• 23% to build a war chest
and 42% OpEx…

In other words, 58% of revenue goes into “build for the future & enjoy the journey.”

So what changed?
• Every role on his post production (client services) team is tied directly to a specific task-driven outcome from each client, giving Richard the insight to know the average number of hours spent on each outcome.
• Because of that, he was able to build a Pay Per Task rate into my post-production team that consistently has his margin on labor running at about 65% for post-production.
• The Task Unit structure has allowed him to build a scalable team (a major plus) that has allowed him to build pay-per-task rates. In other words: he’s paying his staff better.
• Doing so allowed him to attract top-quality talent instead of focusing on the cheapest labor because he now offers flexibility, impact, & income… not just income (the intangibles)

What this means for Richard:
• Less stress, more fun
• Has a clear path to actually hit his revenue (and income) goals
• Has a flourishing team (because of his leadership style)
• Has built-in margins to pay for his future executive team (if he ever decides to exit or merge)

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“Just one call with Raul helped me build a team design plan for my company, allowing us to handle our scaling needs, become more profitable and more productive.” – Richard Matthews

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