Focusing On The Variables You Control

In our quest to design for high margins and scale, we’ve discussed the Task Unit framework and sprinkled some math to make our team design make financial sense.

• Task Unit Design (people)
• Task Unit Profit Design (maths)
• Optimizing for Growth (strategy)  you are here

Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and discuss some growth strategies.

Remember there are 4 core variables you control as you scale:

1 – Your average revenue per client (controlled by your pricing and influenced by your positioning)

2 – The total number of clients you have (controlled by your marketing and sales engine)

3- Your labor efficiency (if you have a team, controlled by your hiring, team design, and team development efforts)

4- Your overhead costs (controlled your operational efficiency)

To simplify, you control:

1 – Your pricing & positioning
2 – How many clients you serve
3 – Labor efficiency
4 – Overhead

Now, I won’t be the one to tell you to cut costs in order to grow, so we can eliminate #4 from our growth strategy conversation.

For your labor efficiency (#3), there are a plethora of
• AI tools that can increase (quality) output
• Industry & role specific trainings
• Leadership development
… that can all contribute to fueling your team’s efficiency.

We will discuss some of these in future conversations, but for growth strategy, we have to focus on the big needle movers:

Pricing, positioning & how many clients you serve.

As we dive into these, the 1 thing you need to bring to the table is:


The following strategy conversations will be driven by your intention for your life, your team, the work you do (impact you make), and your business goals.

For today, ponder:

“What am I designing for & why”.

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