Cutting Costs to Grow?


You’re not hitting your growth goals

you’re investing in growth

what do you do?

Simple options:

1 – cut costs
2 – increase sales volume
3 – increase price

The hidden options:

Hidden option 1 – look at what’s working
• what new foundation can we build on
• what new early KPIs and data can we make progress on
• are we getting growth from new channels or mediums that we never had before?

Hidden option 2 – look at whats not working and why
• what is our speed of implementation
• how are our communication feedback loops working (critical for remote teams)
• what level of support is the team getting

Hidden option 3 – how can we improve our positioning
• can improving our market positioning allow us to enhance the business model
• how can we improve our backend offering upsell and ascension rate
• are our ideal buyers actually our buyers

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