Human Centered Operations with Gisell Paula from Get Scrategy

Gisell Paula highlights the importance of incorporating the human element in operations management while scaling small businesses. Her focus is on maintaining a balance between operational efficiency and humanizing business. Her strategies include understanding team dynamics, individual work styles, and ensuring a supportive environment through proper communication and empathy during changes. 

Who’s The Guest? Gisell helps small businesses leverage their Feel Good competitive advantage so they can scale their impact using their unique winning strategy without burning out or wasting time doing tactics that don’t work. She transforms stiff systems into human-centric strategies to create purpose-aligned growth. Gisell is a certified leader who shepherded critical rebrands and business transformations for both small agencies and enterprise organizations.


Episode Highlights

  • Human-centered design and operations, team-building culture, and growth with empathy
  • Perspectives on implementing operational changes with a focus on people and change management
  • A team’s natural workflow as a key part of implementing operational changes
  • Applying external solution tools to internal solutions
  • The difficulty in quantifying employee happiness and addressing operational solutions
  • Importance of the alignment of the teams with the core values and mission of the business
  • Generation Z’s expectations in the workplace
  • Being true to the values of the company in effecting change management
  • Her team management approach amidst diverse ways of working including voting on file storage systems and creating workarounds for minority work preferences
  • The most common error Gisell observes in teams is poor data management and ineffective use of project management systems
  • Her admiration for the inventive collaboration strategies of remote teams.
  • The personal level of communication in remote work can build vulnerability and trust among team members.


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