Delusional Pricing & The Paradox of “Enough”

While it’s true you can position your services at a higher value, they have to fall into the realm of reality.

I’ll confess…

I offered one of my core services for 15x my (now) normal price. I value-priced and won the deal. If I billed hourly it would have been around $2-3K/hr.

Could I have gone bigger?


Well…how big is TOO big?

When your offering begs the question of alternatives: “well for that price we can just hire an entire full in house team”

Or when the higher price doesn’t anchor on a higher likelihood of achieving the outcome.

Some might disagree and tell me
• “you’re not value pricing correctly”
• “ya but they won’t know how to hire a full team”

And they may not be wrong…


there is a balance between delusional pricing and delightful pricing

between a price that is high enough for consideration yet delightful when doing business with you when seeing the invoice.


There is a balance between having enough profit and fulfillment in your work.

The thing is you have to set the limit of “enough”

For me, consistent base hits are more appealing than trying to slug home runs every at-bat.

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