New Higher Profit Revenue Without New Workload?

The question isn’t CAN you add new high-profit revenue to your top line without adding more to your workload, but HOW?

I’ll share what we’re doing with B2B service clients so you can model this.


  • You need a track record of results or experience.
  • You do NOT need a history of selling your services at a premium price.

Here’s what we did:

  1. Identified key measurable outcomes from our most impactful work.
  2. Asked ourselves, “HOW did we do this?”
  3. Created a high-level unique method to achieve these results.

Then we honed in:

“Who else (in other industries or buyer personas) would benefit the most from this solution, and be happy to pay $80k, $120k, or even $250k (insert your goal revenue) a year for it?”

Once identified…we went to market, offered the process as a solution, and executed the same services we know, but packaged in a new way, anchored to a higher-value outcome.

I’ll explore different aspects in future writings. In the meantime, send me any questions you have!

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