Designing Your Company’s Engine

I was on a discovery call with a sharp, successful, and experienced founder who point asked blank (and earnestly) “what is operations”?

Pause for a minute and think about this.

When I say “business operations,” what do you think?

What do you feel?

Tense? At ease? Uncertain? Unaware? Confident?

“Business operations” may seem intangible or feel like the 100 little things that must happen for your business to run.

At its core, your business operations is design.

And you get to design how your business operates in its simplest form before all the 100 little things get done.

I call this your Core Operations: the design of your business engine, running to help you drive your company and your mission forward.

And it doesn’t have to be too complicated…

It can be as simple as 1 spreadsheet to grow and optimize your entire business.

(If you’re not a fan of sheets, you can do this on paper as well…)

It also doesn’t have to take months to develop, like some popular business operations books preach it will take (they clearly don’t understand you need to get results today while you build the future.)

Your Core Operations will require just a few focused and intentional hours to design.


Because it’s an iterative process, and your business evolves as you grow.

Over these next several conversations, my goal is that you’ll be able to design your business into a powerful machine and asset that you can leverage to continually scale your impact and provide you options in the future. Options like selling the asset, entering a strategic merger, or passing the machine on to a new generation.

Here’s what we will go over to design your Core Operations:

  • Identify Which Habits In Your Company Drive Your Business Forward
  • Show Your Team How To Positively Influence Your Company’s Bottom Line
  • Easily Create Attainable Yet Aggressive Goals On Your Key Levers That Will Influence Your Company’s Health
  • Get An Instant Pulse Of Your Company At Any Given Time
  • Perfect The Most Important Actions In Your Company

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