The Metrics That Drive Your Business Forward

We don’t control everything that happens to us.

But we can control how we respond to what happens & what we do day in and day out.

Same with your business:

You can control certain inputs to get the right outputs.

So, where do you look to find what you can control?

Enter your operating KPIs (oKPIs).

Your oKPIs are your leading indicators:
» metrics that you can influence and that will cascade into determining your future overall company performance.

The beauty of focusing on your oKPIs are the following:

  • You have complete control over the level of influence and impact you want to make for these oKPIs
  • There are a limited number of oKPIs within your company which means you can be really focused
  • You can design your team around your oKPIs

Identifying your oKPIs

I have found that with every client, team, and business I’ve worked with, there are only a few oKPIs you have to focus on: most ranging from around 9 to 12 oKPIs.

Typically your oKPIs are in line with your business model and customer journey.

Your oKPIs will typically line up with your:

  • Marketing that helps you acquire new opportunities
  • Sales process to serve and sign up new business
  • Onboarding and fulfillment of new clients
  • Administration and running of your business to remain healthy

Your Turn.

List out the leading indicators that promote the health of your company’s different functions:

  • marketing
  • sales
  • client onboarding
  • fulfillment
  • administrative
  • financial
  • team health

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