Founderless Sales Without Losing Authority

Is it possible to get the founder out of selling their own service?

In theory: Yes.

But that requires a fairytale explanation of “train the team, “document everything,” and “you’ll be free.”

In practicality, it’s a bit more than that because

when you remove a founder from the sales process,

you may also eliminate the power of the authority sale.

It’s powerful to be on a call with the person who built the company and its client strategies.

Serious buyers don’t want to speak with anyone else: a junior, account manager, or “director” (regardless of the title you give them)

So, how do founders get unshackled from the sales seat?

Progressively over time.

Solid deals usually take a min of 2-3 calls to close.

I firmly believe the first initial calls should be with the founder and the team handling the client.

But then, at the end of the first call, something magical can happen:

you can set the frame that your lead, your “right hand” is going to take over from now

handing the baton

and have your lead (regardless of title) take over the calls and close the deal

then work with the client on onboarding (a seamless experience)

From there, it’s your choice if you want to be part of the quarterly client meeting or to check in occasionally.

Regardless of how you plan to remove yourself from the sales process

the important thing is you don’t lose your edge in selling your authority.

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