A Conversation with Steve Preda, Author of Buyable, Pinnacle and Strategy OS

Raul talks with business coach Steve Preda who explains his methodologies for business growth and achieving success. Discussing his career transition from investment banking to business coaching, Steve details his business operating system, Pinnacle, and his personalized strategy approach, Strategy OS, which focuses on businesses ready to strategize. He uses real-world examples such as IKEA and Ryanair to demonstrate strategic planning. Steve emphasizes the importance of using business as a vehicle for achieving personal goals and encourages business owners to scale their businesses.

Who’s The Guest?
He built and sold an investment banking firm in Europe before moving to the United States in 2012. Since then, he has helped thousands of businesses grow their teams, revenues, and profits as a business coach, EOS Implementer, Pinnacle Business Guide, and through his books and podcasts. He has written three Amazon best sellers: Buyable, Pinnacle, and Strategy OS, and he hosts the Management Blueprint podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • Who is Steve Preda?
  • Steve’s process and framework thinking
  • Pinnacle and it’s function for other people’s business
  • The six principles in Strategy OS
  • Steve’s approach to strategy
  • Importance of determining positioning
  • Transforming business constraints into opportunities
  • The process of turning constraints into solutions
  • How constraints and positioning can lead to competitive advantages
  • How to decide which constraints to capitalize on
  • Using business as a vehicle to achieve an ideal life.
  • The importance of a self-managing, profitable, and growing business for reaching the ideal life
  • Different options to transition from business like passing on to children, management teams or sellin
  • Importance of designing for the journey to the end outcome.

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