Free Proven Techniques Leveraging Chrome To Work At Your Best

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There are tons of apps out there selling you the idea that if you only use them, you’ll become more efficient.

I’m here to tell you that they may work but unless you get the principles correct first, those apps or tools that promise you greener pastures will just produce the same results for you.

Here are proven techniques to optimize the way you work using Chrome so you can get more work done in less time.

The Principle:

Design your workflows by looking at the end goal of the job you need to get done and what tools you need for that job.


#1 Simply use Bookmarks and Folders to save & organize those tools you need for any given job so they open right on the specific screen you need to use when you need to use them.

For example, when I write my Sparks, I have a Chrome Folder called “Daily Spark” and when I write my Spark all I do is right-click “Open All In New Window” — it opens my Google Sheet, Google Doc, & Medium account ready for me to:

a) write

b) organize my writing and

c) publish.

No need to think twice since the bookmarks direct me to the exact tools I need and URL to do the job at hand.

This technique will eliminate you from having to keep 1,000 tabs open at once (not an exaggeration) and it will also allow you to work better since you’re only focusing on one job at a time.

#2 Use the Chrome Pin Tab feature to hold your “map” apps: the apps that tell you what you should be doing i.e. your calendar and your project management tool (I didn’t say slack or email 😉

#3 If you tend to overdo it in the tab department, use the Group Tab feature to organize your tabs and clear the clutter of your browser (you will rarely have to do this if you use technique #1 correctly)

#4 If you love keeping a lot of tabs open, you can use a Chrome Extension called One-Tab (free) to save your workflows and allow you to easily get back to your tabs in one click. Your computer will run faster and similar to technique #1, you can also store workflows within One Tab instead of using Bookmarks.

Find what works best for you, but focus on the principle. Then you can unlock any tactic.

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