Getting to $1M per mo Observations

I’ve been called upon to help successful businesses re-design their operations to go from $200-400k/mo to reach $800k-$1M+/mo in revenue.

Here are some common obstacles I see founders face at this level when looking to scale.

1 – Sales Leadership

You get at this level because the service or product you offer strikes a nerve in the marketplace, and if the product/service is spectacular, it will continue to thrive as you scale.

The issue is that you, the founder, wear both hats of service fulfillment and sales management. 

Common errors include:

• Outsourced sales management: where someone outside the core team is your sales manager (this is a band-aid solution) (note: this isn’t the same as hiring a fractional VP sales or sales manager)

• Promoting a sales closer to a sales manager (you lose a closer and create a manager you’ll have to replace)

• You still playing the role of sales manager/VP of sales

2 – Founder accountability

All departments and teams are accountable to you, NOT a KPI.

To truly scale, you must replace your accountability from “self” to KPI reporting and processes to follow to improve the number.

Think IF THIS KPI is off, then do THAT

3 – The Hidden Pipeline

Sales is the obvious pipeline.

The hidden pipeline is the constant need to hire more sales reps and key personnel on the fulfillment side of the house.

This is a “known” issue, but the key is to have a defined candidate pooling, interviewing, and onboarding process.

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