Facilitate Scale by Getting Rid of Lumbergh

Imagine Bill Lumbergh coming into your office and saying:

“Hello what’s happening… so…I’m going to need you to increase growth by um 20%… yeah, if you could do that and decrease inefficiencies by, say, 30%…by end of the quarter, that would be terrific.”

Now, I know you don’t have a Lumbergh sitting on your back.

But when we look at our business and want to influence growth… or decrease inefficiencies… it can feel like we have a Lumbergh and feel stuck.

Here’s the simple way to get unstuck, facilitate growth, and get rid of Bill.

1 – Go down the list of your oKPIs
2 – Determine how you’re measuring performance
3 – Get a baseline of performance
4 – Set a goal to improve a baseline
5 – Empower your team/refine your approach to improving your habits

This works because you will be
• Laser-focused on what needs improvement (remember there aren’t oKPIs in your company)
• You can easily measure if you are improving or not
• You determine how the habit can be executed, and if you need to improve, you can easily find solutions online on how to do that habit better (or hire someone to guide you)

With refined focus and determination, you’ll be able to reach any goal.

It’s just a matter of when.

PS Here’s the guy you just got rid of (if you’re curious who Bill is)

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