Here’s What We’re Doing To Add 5 New Deals

I’m working closely with a client to add 5 new (6 figure) deals to their client roster and we are not going to rely solely on massive cold outreach

Why not?

It’s not effective for small numbers and sacrifices quality for quantity.
• No personal connection
• Lower conversion rates
• Burned trust and relationships

I’ve seen this mistake firsthand, which is why I want to share this.

Instead, we’re focused on building trust and leveraging warm outreach (even with people we haven’t spoken to before):
• Leverage inbound traffic
• Accelerate trust through content
• Develop relationships with strategic referral partners

We’re implementing our plan to:
• Utilize intellectual property for inbound thought leadership
• Ensure we reach the right people with targeted ads that don’t look like ads
• Only engage with those who raise their hand
• Engage in direct, meaningful outreach

Building on this foundation allows us to prioritize genuine relationships and direct, valuable interactions.

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