How Are You Leveraging Your Business Model?

Are you leveraging your business model to work “smarter” to grow exponentially and not just work “more” to grow progressively?

I’ve had teams that sell subscriptions and not fully flex the power of that business model

i.e. launch a subscription offering only to have 30%+ churn after 6 months or 1 year (at the renewal date)

Of course, core issues include
• fulfillment bottlenecks
• running offers your team isn’t fit to serve
• or simply lack of customer engagement

but whatever the issue was,

situations like that really make you question what business you’re in.

i.e. “You don’t have a subscription, you have a product”

Getting this intel takes time, boldness to test new offerings and humility on your part.


are you leveraging your business model to its full extent?

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