How to reach your goals with less friction

Have you ever found yourself knowing what to do, why would have to do it but still not taking action?

Maybe it’s that project you’ve been putting off

Or that hire you need to make

Or that client you’ve been meaning to let go

Why do we do this?

The answer is within you:

There is something you believe to be true that is in direct contradiction to the action you need to take.

Story time:

I did a private training for a community with over 1,000 professionals and let me tell ya, this crowd is SHARP.

yet half my training was NOT on the “how to”

we spent most of the time talking about the ideas that need to be instilled within us if we are to succeed in executing the “how to”.

Another example:

I had an operations expert who specializes in scaling companies to $10M do a training for my community and she invested a great portion of her talk about the mindsets she had to change to unlock growth for herself and client businesses.


The “how to” is usually very simple. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination but simple

I think you’d agree nothing in business that hard to understand.


transforming information into action requires alignment in your thought patterns and your execution.

For your goals, big projects, and milestones, try asking yourself (and go deep)

“What ideas must I believe to accomplish this?”

And if you find yourself off put by some emotion or feel resistance, lean into it and chew on “why do I feel resistance here?”

And when you’ve found the reason for your resistance, write an empowering belief to counter that.

Honest Example:

I’ve once felt resistance being in my office.

Odd because I love my work. So I leaned into it, understood why I felt resistance and rewrote my belief (or how I view) my office as “my office is my dojo” so I see it as I do my home gym, as a training ground.

Do this work and you’ll find yourself naturally taking action on things you held off, and you’ll reach your goals with less friction.

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