How can S.O.Ps evolve?

We are approaching 1 year of the release of Productive Profits. It’s been a ride but to be honest, it’s more of a long, cold but fun, tough mudder run… (not your typical marathon).

It’s been amazing to see how the book has helped entrepreneurs and the applied methodologies within the book transform businesses.

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary, I’ll be writing about key concepts in the book so you can look at your business and apply these Sparks to your business.

Well, let’s define what an SOP is so we can understand how it can evolve.

An SOP is a standard operating procedure. Or in simple terms: how we do things to get a desired result. #ThisIsHowWeDoIt

Here are a few scenarios in which your SOPs can evolve over time:

  • there is a better way to do what you do (your team has gained new market knowledge, your client behaviors have changed, the market has changed)
  • there is new technology that helps you do more in less time. Or does it all for you.
  • there is a change in your business needs and the old way of doing things is no longer necessary

All of these scenarios assume the fact that you and your business are constantly adapting and evolving to fit the current competitive landscape.

Now, that doesn’t mean your SOPs should change every week… no.

One simple way to stay on top of this is to have the owner of the process do at least a quarterly review of the processes they oversee. It’s imperative that they have the pulse on the market, the business, and client’s needs in order to make appropriate changes.

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