Making a Difference Through Sales Leadership with Greg Grand

As the founder and CEO of G Squared Advisors, Greg Grand leverages his sales, leadership, business acumen, and strategic planning experience to help small and mid-sized businesses drive aggressive, sustainable revenue growth. Functioning as a Fractional VP of Sales or on a project basis, he works with organizations on strategic and tactical improvements to their overall approach to sales.



  • An electrical engineer going into the sales world – 1:44
  • You need to set the commission’s plan – 14:29
  • Developing a sales culture – 15:39
  • Leading sales teams – 16:08
  • His job is to make the sales team grow – 18:15
  • Things to take into account in sales trainings – 21:40
  • Making five proposals to have one deal closed – 27:02
  • The coaching side – 29:06


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