How the Fibonacci Series of Events Can Help You Persevere & See Your Initiatives Through

Building and adding to your company to take it to a new level of success takes time and effort, as you may know…

Although it takes time and effort, don’t stop too early.

Too often I see founders not sticking with their plan.

If you created a plan for your next phase of growth and have momentum, with perseverance and agility to adapt, you’ll have a good opportunity to succeed.

The thing is, you have to stick to it and not quit or make drastic changes too soon.

A mental model we can use is what I call the Fibonacci series of events.

With this model, we take the Fibonacci numeric sequence and look at it backward in terms of action, momentum, and progress.

In simple terms, say your first round to apply everything takes you 8 actions or attempts to see any measurable progress.

But then your second round takes you 5 attempts to see progress.

Then your third round, 3 attempts.

Fourth round, 2 attempts.

Fifth-round, 1 attempt.

With any plan, just like health and fitness, results don’t come overnight, but with consistency, you can start yielding the fruits of your labor.

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