What are the most important things founders should focus on in their business?

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash

There’s always a question in the back of every founder’s mind: “Am I focusing my time and energy on the right actions?”

It becomes apparent that founders CAN’T and SHOULDN’T do everything in their company.

However, out of all the things founders CAN do there are a few I’d like to highlight as their highest leveraged activities.

One key activity I suggest founders focus on is to facilitate movement within their organization, either by quarterbacking action, inspiring their team, or putting the right people in the right roles.

As a founder, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you give your employees all the tools they need (communication, education) but also trust them to do their jobs too. By trusting them, you allow for a good working environment where everyone can focus on what they need to be focused on: getting the job done.

In addition to ensuring the company is running smoothly, another key activity is strategic growth. It’s imperative that founders focus on creating strategic relationships with new strategic partners, as well as nurturing existing ones, in order to open multiple doors of new opportunities.

In your business, what are your highest leverage activities?

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