How to attract more clients & increase your growth potential

Imagine your business as a bicycle wheel

with the center of the wheel being your main offering (product/service)

Your main offer:
• delivers incredible results
• is your best work


clients sometimes take a while to appreciate the offering and don’t usually purchase it from the get-go.

and that’s frustrating because you invest endless hours networking, trying to sell it, and focus most of your marketing around it.

Here’s a solution that enabled true opportunity to scale in teams selling:
• digital products
• memberships
and yes
• services

Create Spokes Offerings around your main offering (like the spokes of a wheel) that
• get clients an immediate result/high win/high dopamine
• enable clients to build relationships with you
• allows you to uncover future needs

The Spokes Offering IS NOT your main offering, but a subset or 1 deliverable of it.

The key is to position it to solve 1 core problem

and you get to get market feedback to see what your ideal clients TRULY care about.

To go a layer further

I suggest you create marketing assets (PDFs, checklists, posts, videos etc)

that speak to the Spokes Offer and allow your market to raise their hand in interest and then vote with their dollars when they take you up on the Spokes Offer.

This diversifies your risk on selling only 1 thing (your main offering) by creating the Spokes Offering (many offerings leading back to your main offering)

If you were to map out your business like a bicycle wheel:

what would be your Spokes offers?

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