How is AI Impacting SEO with Brandon Leibowitz

Tune into our latest podcast as SEO guru Brandon Leibowitz from SEO Optimizers breaks down the impact of AI on SEO strategy. Find out how he’s adapting as a business owner & get key insights to future-proof your online presence. Unmissable tips for any digital marketer!

Who’s The Guest? Brandon Leibowitz has run and operated SEO Optimizers since 2007. We are a digital marketing company that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses get more online traffic, which in turn converts into clients, sales, leads, etc.

Episode Highlights

  • Impact of AI on SEO and creative industries.
  • Adapting business strategies to leverage AI in SEO.
  • The importance of distinguishing AI-generated content from human-written content.
  • Using AI to generate topics and outlines for content creation.
  • The limitations of AI in providing accurate search volume data.
  • The future role of AI in SEO and adapting to its development.
  • Current relevance of SEO in the context of AI-driven search engines.
  • Strategies for incorporating SEO into growth plans and content strategies.
  • Importance of backlinking in SEO and how to approach it.
  • The overall effectiveness of SEO across various industries.
  • SEO as an evergreen strategy and its role in conversion rate optimization.

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