How to Buy Yourself More Time

Why do you need to buy time?

B2B is all about relationships and you can’t rush a relationship…

In other words:

deals won’t close as quickly as you want them to.

So, you need more time to “breathe”

Here’s 1 quick tip I use personally and suggest to clients in their sales proposals to buy more time for themselves:

Split the project into a payment plan that spans the duration of the project OR a few additional months after the project is complete (e.g., a 4-month project split over 6-8 months of payments).

NOTE: I’m assuming you’re selling 5-figure and 6-figure deals.

Several reasons why this works:

1 – Show you care: Cash flow is a key focal point for every company (unless you’re selling to Apple or Google), and if you can support the client to keep their expenditures moderate, it helps with the relationship.

2 – you have cash flow coming in regularly

3 – big price tags don’t look so bad at a monthly price 🙂

And you get to buy yourself an extra month or 2 for business development.

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