How To Create And Add A New Product/Service Your Customers Actually Want

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Market research will tell you the story, trend and current situation within your industry and customer.

Customer feedback will allow you to hear where your customers are coming from and what they want to get more of.

All this is good, however, you have to probe deeper. Get inside their head and understand their true reasons for buying from you. Or from you competitors.

Why do they buy? What are they actually buying? What value and feeling are they purchasing from you? What are you actually selling?

A feeling. An emotion. A new narrative. Or a narrative that aligns with their goals, ambitions and perspective.

When you map out and identify what you’re actually selling you can align your products or services to deliver that to the maximum.

For example, if you are selling media buying or lead generation services and you’ve identified that your best buyers are actually buying peace of mind (security) that they have multiple marketing channels going for them, the smart question for you is to ask:

“how can we help our customers feel {more secure and at ease}, what products or services can we introduce to add value here”.

It’s not a feature set or a new widget that you think is cool. It’s aligning what you deliver to what your corner of the marketplace wants and desires more of.

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