Bootstrapping a SaaS to Help IT & Cyber Security Professionals Make Better Decisions with Edward Marchewka

Raul talks with Edward Marchewca, who runs CHICAGO Metrics® which started as a passion project because he believes, from the front lines to the board room, IT and Information Security leaders have to be able to tell their story to help decision-makers make decisions in order to gain support, funding, and resources they need to enable the business to move faster. It has morphed into a platform that helps IT and Information Security leaders prioritize their IT and Information Security risks and enables them to tell a better story.



  • The idea and launching of his company – 1:44
  • You need metrics to tell your story – 2:47
  • About Chicago Metrics – 4:32
  • Telling a better story – 6:24
  • Why metrics matter in the Information Security Space – 7:14
  • What’s information security? – 10:24
  • How he presents the value of what he offers – 17:25
  • The question is: “Do you have metrics?” – 18:51
  • Helping each other grow – 28:04
  • The most exciting project he’s working on right now – 31:55
  • Our metrics have datapoints – 34:14


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