How To Create Online Courses That Increase Student Success Rates by 10-30x, Reduces Refunds & Drive Repeat Sales & Referrals With Marisa Murgatroyd

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Marisa Murgatroyd is an Online Education Expert and Pioneer of the Experience Product. She’s on a mission to reinvent online education around the world so results and engagement become the norm and not the exception. 

Since 2013 she’s sold over $17m in online courses and has now shared her new approach to product creation at top industry events including MindValley Momentum, Evercoach Summit, LaunchCon, MFA Live, and the 2020 Traffic & Conversion Summit here in San Diego. 

We’re going to talk about how you can leverage the techniques of the world’s best-selling apps and games to create high-engagement and results-driven online courses that radically reduce refunds and increase student success, repeat sales and referrals.

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