How LatinxAmerica Is Changing The Narrative In The Latinx Community & Creating Diversity In Tech with Adriana Flores-Ragade

Once we see what’s possible and see others do what is possible, it inspires us to take action and get help from those who have walked down a similar path. That’s exactly what Adriana is doing for the LatinX community. 

“My mission is to change the narrative for my community one story at a time.”

-Adriana Flores Ragade

Adriana is the founder of LatinxAmerica Media. She is also the host of LatinxAmerica Podcast, a podcast focused on highlighting people who are leveraging, creating or investing tech to change the narrative for the Latinx community and increase diversity in tech. She has held leadership positions in the broadcast media industry and education non-profit sectors where she focused on building equity and access programs and partnerships during her tenure at the College Board. At Univision Communications Inc. and Fusion Media Group, she contributed subject matter expertise, relationship building and led investment efforts for selected social impact and corporate social responsibility campaigns.

In our conversation, we talk about the impact that sharing stories can make, trends in the LatinX community and trends in tech. 

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