How Your Home Screen Can Improve Your Performance

Photo by Neil Soni on Unsplash

When I help my teams improve their productivity by optimizing their day, I always start with this principle: eliminate distractions!

Emails, pings, notifications etc.

It’s important to make sure that whatever you’re working on, you’re focused and do not have any other distractions around you.

Now, I’m talking about distractions you can control…

I also found it helps to optimize your space, both physical and digital in order to create the headspace that best suits your lifestyle and approach to work.

In this Spark, I want to focus on the space that you and everyone on your team can control: your home screen

Our surroundings and spaces affect how we think. And how we think (state of mind) affects how we work (and the quality of our work).

If you have app icons of how many notifications you missed, please turn those off. These are psychological triggers for us to be dependent on our applications vs being proactive.

Now, look at your home screen and identify how you can instill positivity or positive cues into your day. One way I do this personally is by having a photos app show me a new photo every time I open my home screen, bringing me happy or funny memories…

So look at your “day flow” by reviewing the rooms you walk in, the screens you see, the apps you use — and try adding some positive cues or reminders. I believe that this ONE SMALL optimization point can make a lasting difference OVER TIME.

Think of yourself as an olympian.

The difference between GOLD and second place, are inches or seconds. This means that any small optimization you can make to become better can make a difference for you and your team.

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