Remote Team? Here Is Are The 2 Times That Work Best Move The Team Forward Regardless Of Timezone

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I’ve been honored to be able to lead teams. Small teams, large teams, & something in between — in the same time zone and also in multiple time zones (sometimes up to 9 different time zones)… I’ve stopped keeping count.

After practicing myself and working with my clients 1on1 to optimize their workday approach, I have found certain hours work best to check in with teams and respond to the demands of the day, while at the same time moving the projects and company forward.

Note: I do understand that not all leaders work the same and that this approach is not the end all be all. However, I do want to share with you what I found proven to work and perhaps it can benefit you and your team.

After performing morning 80/20 activities (including morning prayer, exercise, learning and most important work task) I have found that the best hour to check in and respond to teams asynchronously tends to be around 11am PST and then another check in at 1pm PST.

Now this isn’t to say that that’s the ONLY time I check in or respond with my teams. No.

What I am saying is that those are the “golden hours” to be of the mindset to INTAKE NEW information and RESPOND appropriately to action items, projects or new situations that arise from the day AFTER I have taken care of the most important work on my plate.

Of course there are times where it makes most sense to check in early in the morning for a pulse check but even then you’ll either

  • address the most important action item first (which is covered by time set aside to do your 80/20 early in the morning)
  • pin the item and get to it later in your day…

The principles at play are discipline, prudence & the discernment of knowing what is important & what can be responded to at its appropriate time.

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