Ingredients to Sell Your Unique Mechanism

You got a unique mechanism that gets results?


How do you sell it?

Here’s the breakdown I recommend my clients to work through to sell their unique mechanism

List out all the
1 – Benefits that you get when applying the unique mechanism: some benefits are obvious, but what are the not-so-obvious benefits that you can yield when you execute?

2 – Costs associated with executing it: clients want to know the surface-level costs (how much you charge) and also the true costs to implement this. Are there additional tools or labor that they need to think about? How about the cost of time and energy on their part?

3 – Transformations: what are the tangible, measurable, real-world transformations your unique mechanism has delivered in the past? Measure in percentages, time, and money.

You can leverage this breakdown to write copy for nearly any marketing and sales material you need to sell and help more people.

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