Opportunities to Optimize Everywhere

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

There is truth in the proverbial fruit that is easy to pick, otherwise called “low hanging fruit”. (If you’re into Keto, call it “low hanging berries”…)

In business, this refers to simple modifications and improvements you can implement that can make a lasting difference for your company, your customers, and your team.

Simple doesn’t mean effortless, but since it’s low hanging, it’s the first step towards improvement.

That means that there are most likely things you’re overlooking in your company right now that you can improve upon.

Here are some questions that can help you uncover these hidden fruits and allow you to enjoy a feast

-What are my marketing metrics and what are baseline conversions for lead generation? What can I improve here?

-How are my leads converting and how might we improve the customer journey to increase the lead to customer conversions?

-What is my customer lifetime value and how might our operations increase retention from the very beginning of our client relationship?

-What improvements can we make to our product that serve our current clients at a higher level but also open the doors to serve MORE clients?

-How might we deepen our client relationships to win them as loyal fans over the long term?

Start with these questions and then go deeper. But don’t stop there — implement immediately what you come up with.

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