4 Tools I Use Daily To Shorten The Gap Between Information & Action

Photo by XPS on Unsplash

I always teach that it’s not the tool that you use that matters but how you use it. Today I’m sharing with you the 4 tools I use daily that not only shorten the gap in getting things done but have saved me hours every single week. Please note I was not paid to write this and these are my personal favorite tools to use.

#1 ClickUp

From managing, prioritizing & planning my projects to managing teams — ClickUp is the most robust (and fun to use) project management software I’ve used. Even though I have a simple setup, it helps me daily to show me what I need to do every single day and prepare for the following day.

#2 CopyClip 2

I operate from a Mac and I always find myself typing the same information from time to time in different locations. So instead of typing out (or remembering my personal Zoom room ID for example) I use CopyClip 2 to simply save and pin text I can just copy and paste in one shortcut. From my email to my name, even my mailing address… this little tool has been embedded into my daily workflow that I don’t have a Mac without it.

#3 Droplr

When I have to give a quick video overview or instruction and send it off to the team, I use Droplr. I like Droplr because of its simple and minimalistic view on my Mac. I can screen share and also markup a screenshot to make sure my point gets across digitally.


I bookmark my workflows so when it’s time to get a job done, all I have to do is open them and BAM — all the items I need to do in front of me on one screen.

What tools do you use to shorten the gap between information and action?

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