Practice makes perfect.

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Practice makes perfect.

Giving feedback to your team members is no different.

Here are 5 tactical steps you can implement TODAY to give effective feedback to your team members that need it.

1 Get Permission

Just like marketing, we must always ask for permission to make our “presentation”.

It is said the worst feedback in the world is unsolicited feedback.

If you want your feedback to stick and make a difference, first ask if it’s welcome.

“Hey, can I chat with you about ____ and give you some feedback?”

2 Distinguish Outcomes, Opinions, Facts & Emotions

During your conversation, I recommend you separate the person you’re giving feedback to from the problem or issue itself.

“Failure is an event, not a person” — Zig Ziglar

The way I tell clients is through a visual:

“You want to position the conversation where you are sitting at the same side of the table as your team member and viewing the problem/error itself on the other side of the table — together & objectively.”

3 Empathy

This is one of the most critical parts. Show that you care for the success of the team.

Use words like “I understand” or “I can see why you felt that way” or “I see why you thought that was ok”.

I’ve been able to see how this powerful component has helped transform my own teammates from being in tears from making the error to being thankful we had our conversation.

4 Correct

Here, give clear and corrective feedback and why it matters.

5 Expectations & Next Steps

Emphasize the next steps in a clear and concise manner and what success looks like moving forward.

Not everything is a walk in the park, but with practice and optimism, you can make the most out of every feedback opportunity with your team.

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