The Hidden Skill That Will Take Your Company To The Next Level

Photo by Stefan Steinbauer on Unsplash

One of the core things that I emphasize with Productive Profits is the mission, vision, and values of your company.

This is probably the most overlooked thing in companies… even though they can unlock new levels of growth.

We think that we should only focus strictly on sales, marketing, client acquisition and get those clients fulfilled with our operations team…

…. focus specifically on hiring and bringing in more great talent while at the same time making sure that we have more work, more leads, and more prospects…

That is necessary. That is part of business, it is essential.

However, if you really want to get to the next level, if you really want to enhance your current operations, enhance your current production, increase your team’s performance and increase your team’s stamina…

You need to focus on the mission, the vision, and the values of your company.

Where are you going? That’s your mission.

What does that end look like, what do the milestones look like, how do we measure success? That’s your vision.

A vision that every one of your teammates can instill and become a part of. There’s a significant difference between having someone work for you and working with you.

Then there are values.

Values drive attitude.

And attitude drives results.

Here’s a twist in what you’ve been told:

When we’re looking to either let go of an employee or see if an employee’s good for the team, we always look at their attitude.

If they have the most amazing attitude but not the skill sets, they can learn the skills.

But if they have a terrible attitude, they may not have a long-term place at your company.

Here’s the twist:

If we believe that every single skill is teachable and that we all have the capacity to learn these skills…

And if you can teach values that drive your team’s attitude…

You can, therefore, teach attitude.

When you look at values as skills, you can help your team develop the attitude that’s going to drive future success for your company.

This is how you make the most from what you already have.

Starting with you.

Starting with your attitude, starting with the values that you live by, starting with the values that you execute your work with.

And then, through communication and osmosis, showing those values to your team and the marketplace… taking a stance and making the difference.

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