[PRODUCTIVE PROFITS] How to Grow a One-Person Business Without Destroying Your Health, Burnout or Neglecting Family

There seems to be a big fad around the one-person business or “companies of one”. 


There is no judgment on my part as I have grown as a solopreneur and I believe it can be a very beautiful way to contribute to society. 


However, we must distinguish between the difference between a business, namely a business owner and a freelancer. 


Most one-person businesses are disguised as freelancers.


They run their own financial books. Do their own marketing. Take their own sales calls and fulfill their client obligations. 


I know very successful (and wealthy) freelancers who run their businesses like this and enjoy the freedoms of time wealth, working with clients they want to, working when they want to, and are HAPPY. 


There is a modern fallacy that entrepreneurs MUST DO MORE and grow revenue for the sake of growth. 


Choosing not to grow for its own sake is a wise strategic decision if it is aligned with your life goals and vision for the future. 


For those who have discerned that they want to contribute more to society and are ready to endeavor to grow their profit and impact, this Spark is for you. 


In this Spark, I’d like to discuss how to GROW this type of “one-person business” without destroying your health, burnout, or neglecting your family. 

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