Profit Lever #1: Price: Making Your Solution An Artery to Someone Else’s Business

It’s no secret your pricing will determine the health of your entire revenue equation and how much you can safely spend to acquire a new client (even if you don’t use ad spend, you are investing time, energy, tools, resources etc)

Pricing, as we’ve discussed in our conversations together, is influenced by your product/service’s value (and perceived value) and your positioning in the marketplace.

Simple Pricing & Positioning Case Study:

I’ve been quoted $3,000 to fix and edit my website. Not too bad. Not a huge need on my part. Would I pay more? Meh, maybe. Depends. Would I pay less? Of course. Why? My need and value of the “edits/fixes” aren’t that pressing.

One of the founders I’m supporting sells websites for $50,000-$100,000+. Why? His market depends on their website to be their primary salesperson. Even with an “economic downturn” they’re busier than ever.


Make your solution an artery to someone else’s business.

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