Profit Lever #2: Your Sales Volume Will Run Your Life (Design Wisely)

This is an obvious lever:

If you want to generate more revenue, sell more.

But let’s go a little deeper than that.

Your pricing strategy will affect your sales volume.

The simple paradigm is if you price high, you may have low volume and if you price low you may have to go for high volume.

Your pricing strategy and sales volume will determine:
• the types of clients you have
• the profit you’ll enjoy
• the types of stressors you’ll face
• the experience you’ll have day to day
• the type of team you can have
• the days it takes to recoup client acquisition costs

Case Study #1:

I ran revenue for a team that had to sell 200-300 units per day in order to make hair-thin margins. Insane. The model was also a negative customer acquisition cost so the costs had to be made up by backend sales.

This affected
• the types of clients they got (costs had to be low)
• profits the company enjoyed
• high stress

Is this wrong?

Absolutely not.

The only question is:

is this the right way for you?

Case Study #2:

One of my friends ran a solo brand shop (incredible work) and was only looking for a handful of clients for the year because each client would extend to (on average) 9 months (or longer) of engagements.

Ultimately your pricing and sales volume strategy will have to be aligned with your life goals, business values, and vision for yourself, your team, and the work you do.

Your journey matters because your journey determines your destination.

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