Profit Lever #5: The 2 Sides of Lifetime Value

Client lifetime value is a coin with 2 sides:

The first is rather obvious:

How can you keep clients on longer (or even better, if your product or service pricing is appropriate for it) addicted to your solutions?

The second is more advanced:

How much is your worth to the client over your lifetime together?

(This is not to place your being’s value and worth in your work or market value, this is a strict observance of your value contribution to your clients.)

Case Study:

One of my clients increased their CLTV by 225% (which is another way of saying we doubled it and then some) simply by improving the client’s experience and delivery of results.


Simple: improving the operations of the business.

From client intake, onboarding, communication, execution, and delivery mechanisms.


Improving the way the business interacted with clients elevated the client experience and as a result, improved the performance of clients’ accounts, thus increasing the value of the business to the client.

How can you improve your client’s experience?

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